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The Design Council
Learn more about Service Design on the Design Council website. 


The links below take you to Bill Hollins at the University of Westminster.

Bill-1; Bill-2

Institution of Engineering Designers
A very helpful resource for all aspects of design, the IED is committed to demonstrating the value of economic development work for local and regional communities, to the pursuit of best practice in economic development and to the attainment of the highest standard of professional training and competence.

Engineering Designer
Read many of Bill’s ‘lighter’ articles at Engineering Designer - a monthly journal published by Deeson Group Ltd, on behalf of the Institution of Engineering Designers which seeks to meet the professional needs of its membership.

Companion Website for Managing Service Operations by Bill Hollins & Sadie Shinkins
This site contains a variety of resources which are available free of charge to lecturers who adopt Managing Service Operations.

The BSI provide organisations from all sectors with best practice solutions and standards that represent and support the needs of business and society in the UK and worldwide. Use this site to find out more about British Standards on Design Management.

SCA Cool Logistics
An example of a company with good Service Design.                                         

Brentford FC
The home of Real football!

Super Design

Graphic Design company providing creative solutions for print and web.

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