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Bill’s first book ‘SUCCESSFUL DESIGN: WHAT TO DO AND WHEN’ (co-author Stuart Pugh) was one of the first books that described a Multi-disciplinary Total Process for developing new products. It is still a main text used in universities in the UK and abroad.

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Gillian and Bill wrote ‘TOTAL DESIGN: MANAGING THE DESIGN PROCESS IN THE SERVICE SECTOR’ and this was the first published work that took new product development into the much larger sphere of the service sector. In spite of its age this book is still available and is considered to be one of the leading texts in this field.                                        

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Published by Wiley in 1999, ‘OVER THE HORIZON. PLANNING PRODUCTS TODAY FOR SUCCESS TOMORROW’ is the first book that links design management to long-term strategic management. It prescribes how companies can become more competitive in order to ensure a healthy and secure future. As the title suggests, it shows how organisations can prepare themselves for the products they wish to introduce more than ten years in the future. It has generally been accepted that this book is a significant advance in design management.  Furthermore, the predictions made in the book turned out to be correct.                                 

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The latest book ‘MANAGING SERVICES: DESIGN & OPERATIONS’ (co-author Sadie Shinkins) was published in 2006 by Sage. Although aimed at students, it has a much wider market being used by practitioners. It maps out the life of a service from the initial business proposal through to its eventual termination and disposal.  This has now been published in Poland (2009) as ZARZADZANIE USTUGAMI: PROJEKTOWANIE i WDRAZANIE.


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We have had published over 125 papers and articles. Being practical in our outlook, we believe it is important that research is transferred to the practitioner sector, where it can be used to solve real problems.


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